Reverse Engineering

This solution provides a response to clients who own certain products, and who do not obtain their manufacturing data or possess partial data. Reverse engineering prevents many malfunctions as well as low system production consistency and efficiency. This scenario can occur when companies purchase active products, or when multi-national corporations transfer products with partial technical data to its subsidiaries. In most cases, the partial data contains incomplete drawings or missing drawings, undefined precision definitions, undefined manufacturing processes and more.

Zuk Systems' Engineering Department has extensive reverse engineering and complete product file building expertise. The process is led by a designated engineer, who performs a full review of all product-related data.

During the data restoration process, Zuk Systems completes product drawings and models that are essential for the manufacturing process, while also defining assembly and quality testing procedures.

As part of the data quality verification process, Zuk Systems performs assemblies and tests procedures in accordance with the necessary adaptations. After the completion of the data verification and its implementation throughout the assembly process, a complete product file is established. The product file includes: assembly instructions, inspection instructions, testing instructions and product drawings, which are written in-house by a professional technical writer.

The complete product file returns full control of the product to its owner. The product's owner is provided with all the engineering and operational information pertaining to the system, which facilitates ongoing, high-consistency, maximum quality manufacturing.

reverse engineering
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Reverse Engineering