The Machining company is a leading metal and mechanical company, which is in business partnership

with Zuk Systems since 2012. The company specializes in metal turning and milling, and provides its clients with a wide range of solutions based on their requirements.

The company utilizes advanced technology, and relies on robust experience, highly professional capabilities, strict manufacturing procedures, and uncompromising quality assurance.

The company’s factory is located in the Kanot Industrial Area, and operates 12 CNC milling machines (4-axis & 5-axis), CNC mill lathes machines and a three-axis XYZ testing machine. This advanced equipment is used for production of parts of varying sizes and complexities, from a wide range of raw materials, based on specific client requirements and specifications.

The factory employs an experienced professional staff that includes a mechanical engineer, practical engineers, programmers, turners, millers, quality assurance personnel and more.

The factory specializes in developing new products based on specific planning, as well as in prototype, single model or molds. The company also provides serial production services for different parts in a wide range of designs, as well as assemblies of final products.

Production is characterized by high-quality finished products. The company provides its clients with comprehensive service, from initial planning stages to final product delivery. Company clients benefit from close guidance and personalized, courteous service.

The company is ISO9001 certified. The company’s quality policy is based on quality assurance certification guidelines, and adheres to the continuous improvement principle.