Environmental Responsibility

A concern for the future of our planet and a desire to meet present needs without endangering future generations lie at the core of Zuk Systems’ commitment to environmental sustainability. All company operations

and work processes adhere to strict standards and regulations, in order to ensure employee safety and environmental protection.

The company’s wide variety of sustainable activities includes:

• Recycling of packaging materials, cardboards, plastic, electronics parts, nylon, batteries and metal

• Hazardous material management and the prevention of ground, air and noise pollution

• Use of high-quality green materials, as a replacement for standard materials

• Use of computerized systems for optimal management of high-power consumption equipment, in order to save energy

• Reuse of packaging materials

• Computerization of production lines, which reduces paper consumption

• The company works in accordance with safety management and employment health regulations (ISO 14001, RoHs, Dodd-Frank Act (Conflict Minerals), Reach and ISO45001).