NPI – From Development to Production

NPI – New Product Introduction is a process that transforms a prototype into a final product that is adequate for serial manufacturing. To successfully fulfill this mission, Zuk Systems meticulously examines the prototype in order to stabilize the engineering design and to define the data required to make the product suitable for serial manufacturing. This examination includes manufacturing technologies, approval vendor list (AVL), assembly procedures, monitoring, and more.

Each product is placed under the responsibility of a dedicated project manager who leads the NPI process. Based on client needs and requirements, Zuk Systems establishes detailed timeframes with specific milestones that help achieve the desired objectives.

The project manager remains in constant contact with the client throughout the entire NPI process.

As part of the NPI process, Zuk Systems creates a comprehensive product file that helps improve product implementation and preserve the quality and knowledge that are necessary for successful manufacturing. The product file includes: assembly instructions, inspection instructions, integration & testing instructions, and product drawings. The product file is written and edited by a professional technical writer.

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NPI – From Development to Production